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  • What is a Fractional CTO?

    What is a Fractional CTO?

    A fractional executive is hired by a company (most commonly, early-stage start-ups) to fill an executive role for a “fraction” of full-time work. Fractional executives guide companies through important decisions as they grow. Hiring a fractional CTO, CEO or CIO for example eliminates the costs of long-term commitments, high-end salaries, and all the employee benefits...…

  • The Swish Journey

    The Swish Journey

    Mark Tenney came to our team with an idea he was passionate about. Growing up in Southern California, he has played sports his entire life. Now as an adult, he was eager to solve the problem of getting players together to continue playing the sports they love even though they may not be involved in...…

  • You’ve Raised Capital… Now What?

    You’ve Raised Capital… Now What?

    Raising venture capital is a long, arduous journey that directly leads into another treacherous expedition of ensuring you as a founder and your company are making the most out of the capital you fought so hard to secure. Competition For Talent The biggest obstacle after you’ve raised capital is facing the constantly increasing competition for...…

  • Introducing Accomplice

    Introducing Accomplice

    What is Accomplice? Accomplice is partnering with high-growth companies in product & engineering. Founders have come to us with an idea to run through discovery, design and to launch a MVP(minimum viable product). Directors of Engineering have come to us with a project that needs a self-sufficient team to complete it. Team leads have come…

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