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What is the Discovery Phase?

We believe the Discovery Phase is pertinent to success when building a new digital product. Discovery is the first phase and it lays the foundation for the design, development, and launch phases after. 

How Accomplice Lays the Groundwork For Your Product

When working with the Accomplice team on the discovery phase, we will work through a series of steps to establish the groundwork for a successful product.

  • Opportunity Assessment – We define the problem the product is aiming to solve, the size of the addressable market, and what the product’s differentiator will be.
  • Competitive Analysis – How is the target market solving the problem now? Define competitors and their strengths and weaknesses.
  • User-story Mapping – The most successful companies deeply understand their users and their needs. Work with us to create a mapping of who the users are and what functionality they need.
  • High-level Project Requirements –  Define the minimum specifications in order to produce design and development timelines, schedules and budget.

You’ve Raised Capital… Now What?

Discovery Phase Output

After working together through the necessary phases to define, analyze and create requirements in order to develop your digital product you will receive a product scope document and user flow diagrams.

The assets you receive from completing the discovery phase are used as clear guides in the subsequent design and development phases.

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